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Why go Backwards?

In my song Drop a Line off the Tailgate, a verse says, "Why go backward and why turn around when real loves found." We all want to love and be loved. Well, that's what I dreamed about as a little girl. I wrote this song about my husband. We have had our fair share of ups and downs. I believe choosing to love is the cornerstone of building a relationship. I'm not here to judge those who have said this is just too much. The ones who tried to stick it out, but the dysfunction was too much to bear. Personally, it hasn't always come easy for me to let go of the hurtful points in my relationship. I had to change my focus so the moments of endearment would far outweigh the bad ones. I love the part in my song that says, "Late night love all from above this is enough it's so real Truth in your eyes forever mine this is love." Those words ring true because I didn't jump ship when the boat got rocky. Staying aboard to put it lightly is why the cherished moments are remembered and welcomed. Like the song says, "How many times was I looking for you, you were looking for me now we're here. How many times did it take us to get from here to there now we see." This song came straight from my heart because I can't count the times in my relationship that I have had to come full circle to see. I will always be grateful for the grace that keeps me aboard.

With Love,

Jackie Self

PS: My song "Drop a Line off the Tailgate" is available on Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, & Spotify

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