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Leave Behind This Time

Have you ever wondered why some couples make it look so easy? It might be a fantasy that we imagine because we do not see the real work they are putting into their relationship. My song Leave Behind This Time is about a man on the run who can't commit to his long time love.

In the song, I write, "I guess you never learned nothing from that red dirt road. No care in this world because everything your momma taught you about living is all so old."

I like to imagine the guy in my song is running away to Mexico because of the idea of how he saw his mom's relationship didn't match up with his ideals. In the chorus, I sing, "Throw devotion to the wind because everything your daddy taught you about loving is all so cold."

It might be that we model what we have learned from our parents. Some parents model to their kids like the dad in this song, that love is not worth the work. I like to think that the guy in my song doesn't know what he is missing. He is missing out on a deeper connection with another person.

Hopefully, my made-up scenario will have a change of heart, and I'll write a song about that one day!

Love Jackie Self

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