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Veronica Veronica

Sometimes love is pure bliss and sometimes not. For those of us who have experienced the latter, understand that love is a choice for two. Two can play the game, but the darkness can cover the light of the other. How can one stop themselves from the hate they have in their heart. How can one try to understand the reasons why relationships fail.

In my song, Veronica is a woman who no longer has compassion for the man in her life. She once promised her vows and meant for better or for worse. Now that her relationship has turned for the worse, she can't find the love to keep afloat.

It's hard to keep your vows when the bad times outweigh the good. Yet, Veronica is not practicing the love she has learned from following Jesus and reading her bible. Instead, Veronica curses the man she married. Veronica has no intention of trying to understand her husband's pain.

Veronica has everything to lose because she has made a life with this man. She has to come back to the simple times before she judged his faults. Veronica can help her husband by believing in him and praying for him.

The further she takes the road of hate and blame, she will fail to see the great love God placed in her life. Veronica can't keep playing the part and let hell live in her heart. Veronica needs the unconditional love she knows Jesus gives, and she must give that to her husband.

Love Jackie,

P.S. Veronica love never fails

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