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True American Hero

I wrote this song about our Soldiers and Military families. I think it is incredible that men and women lay down their lives to protect our country. From both perspectives, the sacrifice is vast. I can't imagine the separation military families go through.

Now we are going through this pandemic, and more American heroes are stepping up. The Emergency medical personnel and first responders are going to work putting their health on the line. Their family members are valuable because they have to watch while their loved ones are in harm's way.

Right now, we are all coming together to combat this virus. As Americans, we are trying to do our part through social distancing. We are valuing the health of our fellow man. Our open hearts and sacrifice reveal how we all can be true American heroes.

One of my favorite parts of the song says, "Freedom in the streets Liberty like you never seen. The face of red white and blue a true American Hero living and dying on the front lines for you."

You can view an Acappella version of my song "True American Hero" of Facebook:

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