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Too Much Mud in the Water

Right now, I'm trying to think about how this song came into being. Oh, yeah, I got the chorus from my mom because she would go around singing, "That's just the way it is." Ha Ha, my mom has a strong personality.

I know one might hear this song and think, is this about someone she dated or even married? No, but my husband has said he is my muse for all my kick-butt songs. Too Much Mud in the Water is more of a rallying cry for those I have witnessed being seriously screwed over by exes.

When it's someone I love being hurt by someone who promised forever, I want to give that person a voice. I want to take away their pain. One verse says, "Don't tell me that I'm crazy you know that your insane always bring me down boy and standing in my way."

I am empathetic when I see those I love being abused by someone they love, be it a man or woman. It kills me when the one they love exploits their honesty and slanders them to play the victim for their next prey. I love the part that says, "I wouldn't change even if you'd take me back. There is nothing worse than coming to a boil in lukewarm water when there's nothing left. There's nothing you could give me that would make it all ok."

This song, I hope helps people who have been liberated from their abusers. To give them a voice for the time they entrusted their hearts and were burned.

With Love,

Jackie Self

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