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This Lucky Lady

I first named this song "58 Fast and Crazy," but I thought "This Lucky Lady" was more fitting. The lady in the song has been unlucky in love. The truth is this song could have been about a man, vice versa. It's about a gold digger—a person who is after one thing, ding ding ding money. Finding true love can be a gamble.

Why is it that when our hearts are on the line, we can fail to see the mistruths in others. Then when money is apart of the equation, this causes the worse in others. I have seen people I love suddenly become the object of someone's affection based solely on monetary gain.

The pursuit of love can bring us into deception. The truth to this song, why the lady is lucky is because she is enlightened. She wakes up to the person who has been using her and sets healthy boundaries. People don't tend to like that, especially if they are on the receiving end. I love the part in the song that says, "no love lost, you didn't leave me jacked and jaded. going back to hell just to show you I made it."

This song is for the lucky ones. The ones lucky enough to have been in a relationship with a complete loser and still come out alive on the other side. The Lucky ones who never again overlook the negative truths about people's character due to the fear of being alone. The lucky ones who are willing to wait for the one of integrity to win over their heart.

With love,

Jackie Self

PS. You can see an Acappella version of my song on Facebook.

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