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The Hacienda

I first wrote "Leave Behind This Time," the song was all about this girl loving a guy who ditched her for a life of fun in Mexico. "The Hacienda" is the sequel. In part two, she chases after the guy who ditched her for Mexico and his Miss Senorita. The girl felt so bad that she decided to become a Miss Senorita herself. She thought the power was in "taking little boys and turning them to men and stringing them on one little hand." The girl now women looks in the mirror and says, "I did this to myself just because one guy did not find my worth." The song speaks of a bull rider coming to town and is looking for real Love. The bull rider did not judge what she had become and helped her see a way out. I love this song because I have felt like Miss Senorita. I have judged myself harshly and made wrong decisions based on how others viewed me. I determined I was acting out in poor self-esteem and needed to see the value that God placed on my life. Don't let your inner critic and the opinions of others shape the way you see yourself. We don't have to prove anything to anyone. We all need to see we are beautiful and wonderfully made to make a difference in the lives around us.

With Love,

Jackie Self

PS: You can find me singing an Acappella version of The Hacienda on Facebook and Youtube

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