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Our Stories

I am a big Johnny Cash Fan. I have always wanted to emulate how he shared stories through his songs. "Our Stories" was my crack at telling a story through the eyes of four different people. Each person is struggling and trying to come to terms with Love, loss, and regrets.

This song inspires me because I have experienced certain demons and shame. It would be sad if we lived in a hopeless world. The hope I get from this song is that we all have one thing to share. The one thing we have in common is Love.

The Love we can share with others is the hope in the dark. This hope will always arise. This song reminds me, "Nothing can separate us from God's love" (Romans 8). We all need the grace of God to help us. I want this song to bless others. I want you to know that this life is full of troubles, but Jesus died on the cross to bring us peace.

With Love,

Jackie Self

You can see an Acappella version of my song on Facebook and Instagram.

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