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Mr. No Show

This song is about emotional deposits. The girl in this song is making more deposits into the relationship than the man. The first verse says, "It's late. I'm home Waiting, by the cellphone. Here it goes/ Here it goes To Mr. No Show."

Give and Take is an essential part of a healthy relationship. I have been guilty of this myself. I might not have been the guy in the song, leaving the girl hanging due to infidelity, but I have had communication issues. I think we can all relate to not understanding the love languages of those close to us.

From my experience, one thing I have to learn is to listen and do not respond until the person gives me the cue. In my relationship, my husband wants to talk. He does not want my opinion. Sometimes I would think "he is so rude." I would get angry because I felt like he didn't value my input.

It was not that at all. My husband values my opinion, but at the moment, it's about getting the information off of his chest. If I wait and express my views, he is willing to hear what I have to say.

This song is letting women and men know that you don't have to be a doormat. In the extreme cases of relationship issues, we all have the right to value ourselves first. We can build healthy relationships by giving each other room for forgiveness and understanding.

With Love,

Jackie Self

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