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Match Made in Heaven

I wrote this song about getting in a relationship with the cards stacked against you. We all have emotional baggage. Sometimes this damage can cause a strain. I still believe that with forgiving hearts and a willingness to work things out, the relationship can stand.

The chorus says, "I'm gonna give like he gives, I'm gonna live like he lives, I'm gonna find him in the dark because he has followed me with all his heart." I wanted to convey the power of an open heart. I have lived through a rocky marriage. There were times that most people thought we were at our ends rope. What is beautiful is the more we chose to accept each other's faults, the more love we build between us.

I wouldn't want to trade my life with my husband for the world. The bad times make the good times more memorable. We have made it this far in the journey, and the willingness to love, forgive and chose Jesus keeps our hearts intertwined.

With Love,

Jackie Self

You can view my song at

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