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Make it Last

The song "Make it Last" flooded my heart. I loved the tune and just thought this is an uplifting song. I think it is inspiring to people who are scared to put their hearts on the line. It's a scary thing to give your heart to another person. Two hearts coming together is miraculous. The miracle is two people finding hope in the bond they created.

I love the memory of falling for my husband. It took me over like a whirlwind. I think at the time we got into our relationship, we were "two broken-hearted lovers falling for each other." We had to learn to heal from past pains. The past pains wrote on our hearts. In time our love deepened, and we found security from our bond.

This song is an anthem for "the real love thing." This song is to encourage us to keep our hearts open. This song is to help us remember two hearts can learn from each other. Two hearts can become one.

With love,

Jackie Self

You can see me singing Make It Last Acappella style on Facebook

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