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A Song for the Merely Human

When I started writing Baby, I Still Got It, the war in me was coming to an end. You say, what war would that be. The battle was reconciling who I know I am versus what others had labeled me. The chorus says, "Your secrets they won't haunt me what can you tell to stop me, I won't live in your prison, I got my own story to tell some pages they stink, sometimes I look real weak like I lost it but Baby, I still got it." At that point in my life, I was telling the demons in my mind that I know who I am. I am kind; I want the best for others. I don't have to convince them of my worth. This transition helped to deepen my faith in my relationship with Jesus. The song helps to remind me to own my mistakes and learn from the messes. In a sassy way, other people's opinions will not shape my destiny. Like the song claims, "I am Merely Human. I'm not a super person. I'm not a movie fantasy; I got my own crazy reality." In the end, I refuse to be buried by the opinions of others & I pray that for anyone struggling with this.

With Love,

Jackie Self

PS: I have an Acappella version of this song uploaded to Youtube & Facebook:

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