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A Song for the Hopeful

When I got the song Prisoners of Hope, it helped get me through a rough patch. You might be asking, what does she mean by got? I say this because I feel like songs come to me like rainbows, shooting stars, or dreams in the night.

My grandma was having severe health issues. My mom had been taking care of her, and we all wanted to see her well. This song came like a rainbow of hope.

I was sitting outside watching my daughter play on her swing set, and the words came pouring out. The chorus says, "We are Persistent in faith, hopeful in tears, as I lay down my life for the one who loves me. His eyes become mine, my tears left behind, and my ears are opened. I can see a way out if I just hold on If I just hold on to the one who loves me."

The song helped to encourage my faith. My family prayed for my grandma and believed that God would provide a miracle. My grandma got her healing, and it was beautiful to have her in our lives. My grandma was unique and brought so much joy to my life. My grandma has passed on, and I can't wait to see her again. The song reminds me that one day I will because of Jesus, I am a prisoner of hope.

You can view an Acappella version of my song Prisoners of Hope on Facebook

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