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A Song about Unconditional Love

One of my songs, Pieces of Your Broken Heart, is about giving unconditional Love. It makes me think of the movie "The Notebook." When watching that movie, I thought only God could love us like this. Wow, I never want to give up that kind of hope, like the character Noah loved Allie. I ask myself how can I have that type of enduring Love with those I am close to. A verse in my song says, "You be the smile I'll be the tears, I'll be your hope through the loss and in the fear." The only way I know how to love unconditionally is by letting go of all my judgments and asking myself what kind of Love would I want from those close to me. I think Pieces of Your Broken Heart will always be a song that uplifts because it reminds me that I am nothing without Love but a loud noise with no purpose (1 Corinthians 13).

With Love,

Jackie Self

PS: You can find my song Pieces of Your Broken Heart on my EP titled Looks Like Love & I have a performance of the song on

and Youtube.

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